RainMaker AutoPoster

RainMaker AutoPoster 1.1

RainMaker Auto Poster is an easy to use Craigslist posting application
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RainMaker Auto Poster is an easy to use Craigslist posting application and automated classified posting tool. This software will do all your online marketing for you by placing your business advertisements on craigslist. Get back to succesfully running your business, and let this amazing equipment do your busines advertising.
RainMaker will automatically bypass craigslist captchas, create craigslist accounts, submit youtube videos, place ads, keep track of flagged and deleted ads, enable you to schedule when your ads should be placed. You can also use colorfull and actractive HTML ads to promote your business or product.
This software is capable of fully automating your ad placement by typing the craigslist security code for you. This feature is what makes our software the only fully automated marketing program. The feature can be turned of and the captchas can be typed manually. The captcha success rate is 100%.
This software is aimed to provide full automation for business marketing and this feature is a key in the automation process. Many Craigslist marketers are having troubles with changing their IP addresses when posting in different cities.
This feature lets you post in your home town when your out of town on a business trip. The IP can be changed in several ways, and even works for ADSL users. Its it done using an IP service. The software can also change some users IP without using the service.

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